Trine Julie Abrahamsen - Lead The Future
“When I chose my qualifications, it was important to me that I did something that interested me and where there were exciting job opportunities.”
Trine Julie Abrahamsen
Senior Data Scientist (Data Science and AI)


  • Trine Julie Abrahamsen
  • 35 (b. 1982)
  • MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Computing, DTU PhD from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, DTU
  • Senior Data Scientist (Data Science and AI)
  • Maersk
  • Unmarried
  • No children

Surrounded by talented people

At university and in all her jobs, Trine Abrahamsen has been both fortunate and good at surrounding herself with talented people. And it’s contagious.

“There hasn’t been a single situation or person that hasn’t been crucial to where I am today. I’ve been influenced by those around me and have always had talented fellow students and colleagues. I’m still at an early stage in my career, and for me it’s all about learning as much as possible. So it’s important to surround yourself with talented people.”

As a workplace, Maersk is praised by Trine Abrahamsen for making every effort to hire good employees and managers. For her, being a manager is new.

“I lead a team of highly trained specialists who are all used to working independently, so my role is mostly to coordinate and act as a sparring partner. You could say that I’m responsible for creating the framework for my team to do their best.”

From astronaut to engineer

Trine has always been good at the natural sciences and is currently Senior Data Scientist at Maersk Digital. Her team uses advanced statistical models and machine learning methods to predict, for example, the demand for container transport.

“I like to take responsibility for what I do, and I like to do things well. But I don’t have a career plan or a goal for where I want to be in five or ten years. The most important thing for me is that I always have the opportunity to improve myself and learn new things.”  

In primary school, Trine’s dream was to become an astronaut, and she undertook a business placement at the Danish Space Research Institute. But she ended up with an MSc from DTU, where she has also worked. Before Maersk she was with Novo Nordisk.

The value of competitive sports

“At the graduate level and during my PhD, I was one of just a few women. Being a woman in a male-dominated profession is something I haven’t much thought about. I have always performed well among boys and in a competitive sailing environment.”

For 10 years, Trine Abrahamsen was on the national sailing team, while today she sails mostly for fun. Although Trine has thus far worked a lot with men, about a quarter of Maersk Digital’s employees are women, all from different educational backgrounds.

“When I chose my qualifications, it was important to me that I did something that interested me and where there were exciting job opportunities. If you’re interested, I definitely think you should consider a science qualification, but that isn’t necessarily the way for everyone. We all have different abilities and interests.”