“Women have to be better at promoting themselves, and men have to be better at taking their share of parental leave”
Pia Funch Braskhøj
Communications and Marketing Manager


Equality Accelerates Growth

As a communications and marketing manager in the organisation Lederne, Pia Funch Braskhøj has her finger on the pulse in relation to current affairs, where equality is high up on the list.

Lederne represent the interests of over 100,000 members and currently have a focus on three strategically important areas: prevention of stress, digital transformation and more women in leadership. The last area being especially important, because equality is a lever for growth.
“As a communications and marketing manager, I am involved in defining the areas in which we as an interest organization position ourselves and develop management tools for. Denmark has the world’s most well-educated women, but very few of them are in top management, relative to the rest of the world. It’s a paradox and a waste of talent if we want to stand strong in the future.”

The Modern Leader

The overall goal is to have a more optimal utilization of the female talent pool and to strengthen competitiveness. Not least because various studies show that there is a great economic potential in having more women in management. The issue of equality is complex, and Pia Funch Braskhøj highlights both structural conditions, such as maternity leave, and cultural conditions, such as a lack of role models. “Women have to be better at promoting themselves, and men have to be better at taking their share of parental leave. And then we have to break with the myth that the top leadership job involves an 80-hour working week. It is absolutely possible to have a career and a family at the same time.”

Pia Funch Braskhøj is both a manager and a mother herself, and she knows what it requires. The cleaning is delegated, the transport time is minimized and her husband does a lot so that it all works out. But a leadership job also provides flexibility and freedom to plan a life, which for her is rich with experiences and is constantly developing both professionally and privately.

You Grow with the Task

“For me, it’s natural to assume leadership, and I’ve probably always done it. I’ve changed job function internally at Lederne five times and have gone up in grade every time. My managers have spotted my drive and my leadership abilities, so at the same time as my own development, I have continuously been given more responsibility.” As an only child of two parents in leadership jobs, Pia Funch Braskhøj learnt early on that if you want to change something or have influence, then you have to look for it yourself. When she was younger, she was the chairperson in the student council, and she has always wanted to influence her surroundings. “It motivates me to create direction and good leadership-related settings. I have a good team around me that I work with, and it is really great to experience when we advance the business together and create strong results. Basically, it is about making a difference – both professionally and on a human level.”

Always Look for Development

Money has not been a motivation for Pia Funch Braskhøj, but rather having an interesting and stimulating work life. This attitude also influences her recommendations when the conversation turns to education.

“Choose what you think is interesting, because then you will be the best. That being said, I can see how much my own profession has developed as a result of the digital development. If I myself stood there and had to choose an education today and wanted to shape the future, I would apply for something related to technology.”

Overall, Pia Funch Braskhøj also recommends actively looking at leadership, because it is enriching and gives freedom. How it is used is individual. Every summer, Pia and her family move from a 165 m2 luxury flat to a 65 m2 holiday home in order to be even closer together for a while.