“It’s important to find the culture in which you thrive, in order to deliver optimally and have your heart in your work.”
Monika Gram Ritter
Global Marketing Director


Likes to receive feedback

Several times in her career, Monika Gram Ritter has listened to and acted upon feedback from more experienced managers, and this has helped her move forwards. Today, she is Global Marketing Director for Radiometer’s largest product line.

In that role, Monika Gram Ritterhelps set the strategic direction for where the company wants to be both in terms of creating growth of existing products and in developing new products and services.

“Of course, as a company we have to make money, but our products and support help people who save lives. For me, it’s all about our end users – doctors, nurses and lab people. Their needs are our focus in the development of new products.”

Monika leads several teams that meet the needs of users, collaborate with the R&D department on the development of new products, launch new products and support the sales team in marketing existing products. Regardless of the industry, Monika has always worked in market-leading companies.

“Passion and being the best in my field have meant a lot in all the companies I have worked for, and of course it’s a culture that still inspires me and means I still go to work happy after 12 years. It’s important to find the culture in which you thrive, in order to deliver optimally and have your heart in your work.”

An international family

“I knew early on that I wanted to work internationally, but also that my language skills should be a tool rather than the job itself. That’s why I chose economics too. Later I discovered that I’m good at navigating through a technical B2B world and found my particular place in medtech.”

The international aspect has influenced Monika’s life. Her mother is from Switzerland, and she has lived in Switzerland and Germany on numerous occasions – and she’s married to a German. Together, the couple also lived in the UK before settling in Denmark and having three children.

“Family life has always been high on my agenda. No matter how busy I’ve been, there has always been time for family skiing in the Alps, the children’s handball, training, arguing and having fun with my own team and inviting our friends to the Christmas party with homemade Swiss biscuits.”

Say what you want to achieve

Even if the biscuits were only baked the night before, they were still ready for the guests, because Monika does what she’s set out to do. In terms of work, this has brought her a series of management positions.

Monika is very happy with a leadership role and with getting a team to perform as well as possible, but managing upwards and announcing her ambitions clearly is also an important leadership skill that Monika has had to practice. 

“I was the nice girl from Jutland, who took an MBA while I had two small children, delivering work with all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted, and I thought that would be good enough. But job offers and a career don’t always come by themselves, so it’s important to say out loud what you want to achieve – and to ask for feedback so you can constantly improve.”

Learn from feedback

Monika has been given feedback to bring herself and her skills more into play when she acts at the company’s top management level.

“I have had to learn the balance between appropriate humility and daring to challenge managers above me, using my knowledge and skills. At all levels – but especially at the top management level – it’s important to invite people in.”

Sometimes feedback can feel like criticism, but if it’s well-intentioned, it’s always instructive. Monika has benefited from both feedback and mentoring from experienced managers. She has also been a mentor for younger managers and is happy to share her experiences.