Berit Toft Fihl - Lead The Future
“When you’re young, thinking of a good student life isn’t enough. You have to picture where you want to go in terms of career.”
Berit Toft Fihl
Head of Secretariat


The view is better from the top

Berit Toft Fihl is new to being a manager, but she already thinks it’s more fun and rewarding than being a specialist. A position as a manager has given her a broader perspective, because she has to think more of the overview than in depth.

She has always had a desire to build upwards. When she was younger, she dreamed of becoming an architect or economist. Berit chose economics, because she felt this had the widest range of opportunities, and many different ways to shape the future. She has never regretted that choice.

“Qualifications are a step on the road to working life – which is much more fun. When you’re young, thinking of a good student life isn’t enough. You have to picture where you want to go in terms of career. Of course, it’s important to have drive and seek out opportunities too.”

In her case, Berit Toft Fihl has actively used her qualification as a national economist and can confirm that it opens up a wealth of career opportunities for anyone whose dream is to influence and shape the future of Denmark.

Influence attracts

As Head of Secretariat of the Lederne advocacy group, Berit is responsible for developing the members’ political interests. Her task is to provide political advice to the government, Parliament and the central administration in areas where there are common interests and challenges.

“Of course, I draw on my background as an economist, but also my experience when we have to summarise input for Christiansborg. It’s great to be able to participate in the social debate, seek to have an influence and help make a difference.”

In the years to come, this means that, among other things, Lederne will strive to find ways of dealing with a shortage of particular types of employees and focus on qualifications, as well as improving opportunities for entrepreneurs. As Berit has moved higher in the system she has become more familiar with it, which gives her the opportunity to see context. 

“A significant difference in becoming a manager is that I am involved in several areas rather than immersing myself in specific efforts. It’s quite exhilarating to set the direction. Now there are other specialists in each of their fields, while I need to look more from above. It’s really exciting and gives me a completely different perspective.”

Always look for opportunities

“The task of securing the future of the Danish labour market is important and motivating, and my field of work is brand new within Lederne. This means there is an entrepreneurial spirit here, and that gives energy. Before I realise it, many hours have passed.”

When Berit isn’t at work, she enjoys spending time on things that give a tangible result straight away. She enjoys trimming hedges and experimenting with homemade jams. Walking to work through Copenhagen in the morning gives her both tranquillity and energy, and some advice she’s also happy to share.  

“I think it’s good to be open-minded about your career, and for example to jump at the chance if you’re offered a new opportunity, because you can’t plan everything in life.”